Monday, June 27, 2022

St John The Baptist Feast

 I actually wanted to write about in on Saturday, but I've been so incredibly busy lately. It used to be a very important feast in pre-Reformation times, as explained in this article and still is for Catholics. 

It's like a Christian form of Midsummer celebrations and it's exactly 6 months before Christmas, which Catholics and Lutherans over here always celebrate on the Christmas Eve, that is the evening of December 24th. 

It's interesting that we've always had festivals around this time of the year, except in the corona period. In Germany, for instance, they celebrate Midsummer and I think, in Scandinavia, too. This year we've got 2 festivals, last weekend it was the Viking market, this past weekend we had a beer festival, with live music and a sort of fair. It was quite nice, though not so widely visited as in previous years, by some reason.

I guess some folks are still afraid of Covid or something. Anyway, it was fun. And now we've got that behind us, it's nearly vacation time again:)

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