Monday, April 25, 2022

Not Everything Is A Conspiracy

 Speaking about the French election, folks on the Telegram and Gab keep pushing this conspiracy nonsense about it being "rigged". Honestly, it just makes our side look stupid. There was nothing fishy about Macron winning, in fact, I didn't expect any other outcome and the margin was wide enough.

Actually, we can thank boomers for this victory; you know, the first generation to live better than their parents and their children. They voted for him in bigger numbers than the immigrant youths. He got like 71% of the votes of those over 70. 

Yes, there were protests about the election outcome and riots, which is again, very typical. When you look at the Round One, you'll understand why. The communist/far-left candidate polled nearly as high as M-me Le Pen, and it's his voters who are protesting. They were carrying banners saying, No to Macron, No to Le Pen. More people abstained from voting or left a blank sheet than those who voted Le Pen so it's hardly surprising. 

I have a feeling sometimes that many Right-wing online personalities live in a bubble comparable to that of the lefties. Because their online echo chamber agrees with them, they think that secretly everybody thinks the same. While the truth is, that there are plenty of liberals and progs out there who find the present status quo great. 

Also, Marine Le Pen is hardly a great conservative hero, as far as I know she isn't even married to the father of her kids whom she basically left in the care of others to further her career. It's quite feasible that she would slow the decline but I don't believe she'd be able to reverse it. Is it even possible without the spiritual revival? It would mean returning to the basic tenets of Christianity which aren't the same as the current Western "values" such as fornication, abortion, feminism etc which I'm not sure where Marine stands at. 

Her being a woman probably didn't help, either, because despite the years of equal rights many people still think that being a president isn't a job for a female. In general, this outcome was quite predictable and is hardly a reason for the current hysterics. It's worse for us over here, believe me, because unlike the Americans and the British, we are stuck with the guy who wields quite a bit of influence in the EU. But, whatever shall be, shall be. Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Great minds always think alike:)

  2. I think you're right on this one. As far as I can tell, the French election was nowhere near as weird and shady as the American election (for obvious reasons given the way the American electoral system works).

    Also, like you, I think righties are woefully underestimating the percentage of populations are actually quite woke, or are okay with large parts of the woke agenda, especiall on issues of sex.

  3. I asked my husband if he'd vote Le Pen and he said no, because she is a woman. So here you have it:) I think the other guy, Melenchon would have more of a chance against Macron. Yellow vests supported him, as far as I know.

  4. Seems Le Pen was the standard issue foil candidate. Another false choice to play the part so the globalist regime can continue undisturbed while claiming to have the "mandate of the people". Good points all... it's a bitter black pill to swallow, but it seems that most people are perfectly happy to stick with the suicide pact of post-modern life in the West. At least we know how the story ultimately ends.

  5. I think Marine is genuine, she is just not charismatic enough. Also, people are still too comfortable. I don't know how it is in France, but here as the last restrictions are abolished, everybody is out partying like crazy, the rest they don't care about.