Tuesday, January 4, 2022

I Have It All Figured Out

 about comments. Or, at least, I think so. If you have a Google account, it won't allow you to post a comment unless you first log in, then try to do it.

I now have an account with WordPress, and have the same problem. I can write a comment, but then a WordPress site will ask me to log in to publish it, so it probably works the same with a Google account. 

I'm planning to keep this blog for now, but will try and experiment further with WordPress. So as of now I'm still undecided about the move, but will keep you all informed:)


  1. I guess I am always logged in so I've never had a problem commenting... the one difference between platforms that bothered me when I tried wordpress was the amount of space they gave me for photo storage. At the time it was pretty limited compared to my google/blogger account.

  2. That's interesting about photos, do you mean you could only upload a certain amount or a certain size?

  3. No problem so far.

    b g