Thursday, April 29, 2021

Freedom At Last!

 Groundhog day is officially over:) Stores are open again though not to full capacity yes, you can enjoy your drink on a terrace outside (12 to 6 only), and the curfew has ended, too! In 2 weeks they're planning to open all the sport clubs, zoos etc and if everything goes well, in August there won't be any restrictions at all!

In the meanwhile, there are some scary news coming out of India, their hospital system appears to be overwhelmed and they can't offer treatment to those who need it any more. I guess that's what they were afraid of over here.

Anyway, I prefer to think that the worst is behind the back and I'm planning to enjoy the newly restored freedoms to the fullest. What about you?


  1. Wonderful news! :)

    Not so in Ontario; we are under a strict 6-week lockdown, almost 3 weeks left in it...

  2. You poor thing!!! But here they are already delaying the next step, when the zoos, other outdoor activities and indoor sport locations were supposed to get open. Anyway, that's better than nothing though some people have the audacity to complain that others want to live their life and dare go out and enjoy themselves.