Saturday, February 6, 2021

Horror Winter Is On Its Way!

 We are supposedly getting a horror winter this weekend. First, it'll start snowing and it will keep snowing till Monday morning. They predict 20 cm of snow. Then the temps will drop all the way down to -5*C and stay this way during the day, but at night it will sink even lower, all the way down to -10*C, some unbelievable figures for my part of the country. And it will be this way for at least 10 days, and then while the day temperature will rise, at night it will stay below freezing point.

We went to town and prepared ourselves for the coming trial:) Though we are still in a lockdown, some stores are open and we could find all that we needed. Below are pictures:

This one is for me:

I do look cute in it even though I'm saying it myself:)

And some warm Canadian gloves:

And this:

Of course, we have other stuff already, like warm jackets, boots, socks etc. But it's always nice to shop for new things:)

I'll keep you all updated about our survival efforts, with pics:)


  1. Our temp today is 0 F. And it will be in the single digits during the day for the next week. Here in Minnesota we could sure use some of that "global warming"; I wonder where it is?

  2. Ah yes, Minnesota...but here we aren't accustomed to this weather any more:) I guess 0F is way below the freezing point?

  3. Also, yesterday it was +10*C...

  4. Funny how whether or not a storm is deemed a horror can be so different depending on where one lives. Sorry to say that your forecast wouldn't raise an eyebrow around here. I wish it did as that would mean we have milder weather than we do. lol
    I live north of Boston, along the MA and NH border and we got hit with 18 inches of snow last week (about 46cm). IIRC, some places got 3ft of snow! Yikes!
    The temps have been average here, ranging between the 20sF and 30sF (-5C equals 23F and -10C equals 14F) so it sound like you will be colder than here.
    10C equals 50F so that sure is a big swing in temps!
    I hate winter. I've often wished I were a bear so I could hibernate through it. lol

  5. I actually don't mind cold weather. I just keep thinking how much it'll cost me on nat.gas to warm the house:) This and our car has no winter tires. We have cold spells every year, but usually short ones. Last time we got that much snow and frost was the winter of 2012-2013, I think.

  6. Do you have to keep your whole house warm or could you close a room or two off? Are your water pipes insulated enough? If you are worried for them ti get frozen you can keep the faucet dripping through night :-)

  7. I wish I had snow where I live. We barely get any of it, unless it's a blizzard. :(

  8. Miriam, we have no central heating in the attic. The rest of the house is 18*C unless it's weekend so it's not exactly high temps. If I set it any lower my husband will start rioting:)

    We had a water pipe frozen several years ago, but since then we insulated them so it shouldn't be a problem, or at least, I hope so. Just heard it can locally sink to -20*C in the North!

    Luna, we seldom have snow, either! Or in any case, it doesn't stay long.

  9. Well Luna, we don't get any snow here in The Sunshine State. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    When it's high in the 40s (Fahrenheit), we're bundled up good and tight, LOL.