Friday, December 18, 2020

My Thoughts On Corona Virus

 Is corona virus a conspiracy? I don't think so. It definitely exists. I also don't believe "it's just a flu" or "it's just a cold". That is, the virus is tricky. For many people, especially young healthy ones, it IS just a cold. For others, it's more like a (heavy) flu. For the elderly and sick, it can be deadly.

Do the government measures and lockdowns really help? It depends. There is nothing wrong with keeping distance, not hugging strangers and washing your hands regularly. As for lockdowns, we all know by now that the majority of cases are in the educational system and in healthcare. Nursing homes and social workers going from house to house definitely add to the spread, and children, while not being sick themselves, can spread it, too. 

One of my husband's colleagues, for instance, got it from his son, who in turn, got it from his minor school-going kids. The colleague is back to work now but still very tired and not able to work full time. I should add that he is in his sixties and a smoker, though.

Personally I don't believe that the virus really spreads through the stores. Like in our town we have many small shops with regular customers and yet none of the owners got sick. Big supermarkets which are always busy also don't seem to have any problems, either; so closing all non-essential businesses looks rather disproportional to me, especially the manner in which it was done, without any warning, just like that. 

Do the masks help? Several months ago we were told no, then suddenly it became yes. I think keeping your distance makes much more sense. 

People continue asking why would the government do it? Is it a great reset? Do they want to take our freedoms away? I think many governments across the world are simply scared. Let's be honest, an average Western country has about 20% of the population above 65 plus many with chronic diseases. Someone estimated that about 1/3 of  Dutch population falls into a risk group. All these people have family who vote. You get my point?

So I guess they have to act and do something. On the other hand, the MSM-created paranoia about the situation isn't really helpful. Yes, if you don't lock yourself at home, you take a risk. Even a young healthy person could get very sick and even die. But living in constant fear will mentally destroy you. And not all of us can afford to shelter. Some have to go to work every day (not everybody is an office worker), some have small children, elderly relatives, we need to buy food etc etc.

I mean, imagine if during war people who work in a factory were told every day that the enemy could bomb them any minute and then they all would die. How many would even show to work? This constant fear-mongering is extremely bad for mental health and general morale and I wonder that so many government officials seem not to understand it. 

About closing of churches, I guess you know my opinion already:) Luckily, we still have a Constitution which protects our freedoms though some appear to resent it. It has been a crazy year so far and I guess we are all tired. I know I am. I'm still looking forward to going to church on Christmas Day and celebrating with a couple of relatives.

Least but not last, about the vaccine. If people feel safer with it, of course, they should take it. On the other hand, there are all sorts of info about side effects going around, including infertility. Personally I will first wait and see. What about you?


  1. I believe masks help. I'm a speech pathologist in a community hospital and see lots of covid patients who are having trouble swallowing- sometimes because they are short of breath and sometimes because being on a ventilator so long hurt their throat. I have been exposed many, many times, sometimes just with a regular mask, not a n95, and haven't gotten it yet. Very few of my colleagues (just 2 since March) have gotten it because the PPE is working when we are not overwhelmed.
    And I will for sure be getting the vaccine. I wish there was more data. I wish we knew how long it lasted. But anything I can do to end this, I'm doing. My patients are suffering. Their families suffer because they can't be with them. The nurses I work with are just plain exhausted. It's a leap of faith I'm willing to take.

  2. Oh I do believe medical grade masks help. As for the sort sold in the supermarket, it expressly says that it won't properly protect against viruses. This corona stuff is a strange thing, some people will get it no matter what, while others are exposed many times and appear immune. Those who work in health care have more reasons to vaccinate, yet by some reason many are very skeptical, at least in my country. Do they know something we don't? Anyway, I don't qualify for a flu shot so will wait this one out, too.