Wednesday, November 18, 2020

12 More Days Of Freedom

 Before masks become mandatory, which kinda s*cks. Some people swear resistance. Do face masks really help? I don't think so, however, they make your shopping experience utterly unpleasant which prevents you from spending much time inside, which is, imo, the point. On the other hand, the big group of fear-paralised citizens (some of whom have locked themselves in since early March), will probably finally dare to go outside. 

And, of course, we still have the great vaccination debate. I have come to the conclusion, that for some, "science" and "vaccines" is a matter of faith and they become VERY upset when others disagree. What about you? Are you planning to get vaccinated against coronavirus? Feel free to share!


  1. Why do you need a vaccine for something that has a 99% survival rate? No.

  2. Sanne

    Are masks going to be mandatary in the Netherlands?

    I have not worn a mask at all this year, I don't even own one. As for the vaccine, I think that a disease that you have to be tested for to know if you have it or not is not a serious problem. The politicians are however!

    Mark Moncrieff

  3. Yes, supposedly from 1 Dec but only "inside public spaces". I overheard a store manager talking to some (older) people and he said he would hate to enforce it and old people said they would hate to wear a mask. They say you can claim health exemption, and the police aren't allowed to ask for proof? I don't know.

    As for vaccinations. There are people who regularly take shots for flu (supposedly less dangerous) and on this very blog some readers were talking about the necessity of the vaccinations against chicken pox, which is still considered an innocent childhood disease over here, vaccinations not offered. So why not corona?

    I do own different sorts of masks (reusable and not) but would prefer not to wear one. I thought you had to wear them in Australia?

    1. It's compulsory to wear masks in public at all times unless you have a medical exemption. I'm perfectly healthy so I cannot get an exemption, but I'm still supposed to wear a mask!

      I will not wear one and as I said I don't even own one.

    2. We were basically under house arrest for nearly three months so we got food delivered. Now that we are allowed out I just carry on as before.

    3. If I get one I won't pay it, I'd rather go to jail.

    4. Here if you get a criminal record, you lose the right to have weapons. You can refuse to pay and take your case to court though, then the judge will decide whether you have to.

  4. I don't like wearing a mask. I only do it out of respect for the people in my neighborhood who are fearful and are adamant about wearing masks. And no way will I get the vaccine.

  5. They are pushing their "miracle vaccine" pretty hard right now, even talking about giving privileges to those who take it, which is pretty scary, imo. Of course, by the same logic, non-smokers with a healthy bmi should get privileges, too, but you never hear about that.


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