Saturday, June 27, 2020

Tradwife Stuff

Last several days it was like 30+ *C outside. I made some ginger beer. I think technically it's more like ginger ale, because beer has to be fermented, doesn't it? Anyway, I was visiting a local health store on Tuesday when I found this:

A mix to make ginger beer. My husband and I both like it, but the supermarket brands have lots of sugar and other unsavoury things added, so naturally, I was quite excited to try making my own.

I added water to it (1.5 lt) and then I had to cook it until reduced in half:

After this, it needed to be strained:

and sugar had to be added, too. I tried to reduce the suggested amount (150g), but believe me, you'll need all of it to make it taste more or less decent.

After sugar got dissolved, I let it cool off a bit, added some lemon juice and poured it into the same bottle. You need to add (sparkling) water to taste, to serve it. The instruction says to dilute it 1 to 1, but we all found it too strong, so it's more like 1 part syrup, 7 parts water:

It still has a very strong taste, but is great for a hot summer day! Have you tried some new project this summer? Feel free to share!


  1. Instead of sugar, have you considered using honey? It's more expensive than sugar (how much more is depending on the source) but it's MUCH healthier.

  2. I know:) But as you say, it's expensive, especially the real raw honey which I buy sometimes. The supermarket stuff is probably diluted, but we still use it for sweetening tea etc. However, for baking, making jam and the like I usually use brown sugar. It was/is still much less sweet than store-bought ginger ale!

  3. Interesting. I am of Caribbean background, and one of my uncles made ginger beer from scratch. It was strong in taste; not heavily carbonated at all, but very tasty and refreshing when chilled. :)