Friday, March 20, 2020

Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip

So we are all trying to do our best, though the circle is narrowing. There was a suspected case in the next street, and a friend's daughter had a contact through her work with an officially confirmed case. My husband has had a cold for more than 2 weeks but is still going to work, well, somebody has to keep industries of the country going I guess:)

The official advice is to stay home and only go out to work or store or walk your dog, with no more than 2 people at once. and as I have heard they are preparing a total lockdown including the German and Belgian borders (Germany still hasn't closed its border with us). So there is nowhere to run, either, it's just keep calm and carry on.

A relative of the relative in France sent an email saying that no one over 70 is offered any kind of treatment. A la guerre comme a la guerre, I guess. After all, that's what Macron said, that we are all fighting in a war:)

One could think that since I'm chiefly staying home, I must have lots of time and the whole house is shining...I wish it were the case but I'm getting constantly distracted by calls and messages from family and friends some of whom are close to a breaking point. At least, I still manage to sleep at night which is more than can be said of some others.

About cleaning, a pro-government newspaper actually ran an article about importance of good housekeeping to prevent spread of diseases. Apparently, microbes live in dust and dirt, especially household dust.Btw, I heard advice to wash everything with bleach to decrease the viral load. Naturally, folks in comments were asking how are you supposed to do all the regular dusting and cleaning the article suggests with both spouses working.

Makes one think that there was a good rationale between the traditional labour division, doesn't it?

Woke this morning thinking about that story:

While the situation on the ground isn't quite as desperate yet, there is a certain truth to it, it's only when you come face to face with eternity that you realise how much you love life.

P.S. I think the bit about removing veils makes the nature of their relationship quite evident, something which they knew how to express in those day without getting too explicit, unlike now. If they made it into a modern movie, we'd see close-ups of them in that garden! 

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