Saturday, October 26, 2019

Is Our Christianity Too Victorian?

A thought-provoking post by VD:

Christianity isn't etiquette


  1. Yes and no. If you think there's too much Victorian (aka: niceness, Christianese, domestication) and not enough 'woodshed' punishment (aka: raw bare-bones, slap you in the face truth) … one to the detriment of the other, is wrong. The trick is to mature into the balanced nature of Christ. There is a time for raw truth and there's a time to be gentle. it is the least balanced and most immature, that's unable to discern the difference. If you see everything as a 'nail' on your spiritual journey; you're nothing but a hammer; when a hammer is not the right instrument and someone slams away, they leave nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Yet the converse also true. When raw truth is necessary, and instead we wear the gentle kid-gloves in an effort to not offend; we're guilty of knowing truth yet enabling evil.

  2. I guess it all depends on which church one attends? But I wouldn't call what was described in the original post Victorian, tho. It's more like 1950s politeness norms enforced in an increasingly changing society.

  3. Victorians hardly where that nice? I have one Housekeeping Manual from 1885 and that very christian lady who wrote is speaks out her mind very straightly. Also if you read for example Agatha Christie, old women referred as "victorians" have usually very high standards that they make quite clear. And stiff upper lip. :)

    I also do recall Bible tells women to be meek and such? Maybe the problem in modern christianity is that men are meek and women are not.

  4. "Maybe the problem in modern christianity is that men are meek and women are not."
    It's actually quite an interesting theory:) My Granny was born in the 20th century but she had in many ways a more or less proper Victorian upbringing, and boy did she speak her mind, especially about modern s*xual morals (or the lack thereof:)

  5. Another thought came to my mind: Jesus was a Son of God, so obviously he was very wise. So he could be absolutely sure he is right about something. But we as humans can err very badly and we do it very often. So I would say for humans, it is wise to have some tact and diplomacy, don't you think?

    Another thing is that honey catches more flies than a shotgun. If we would like other people becoming christians, too, wouldn't it be a good idea to give the impression it is actually a happy thing?

    I know from myself that christians threatning others with Hell's fury only make me want to resist everything they say. But christians flaunting grace and mercy make you want to be a believer and a better person.

    But of course people still must stand up for their convictions.

    Which reminds me: one ouf our MP:s, a lady called Päivi Räsänen, member of Christian Democrat Party, is going to be prosecuted. Her crime: saying that the Church should not support Helsinki Pride Gay Festival, and a quote from Bible that says homosexuality is a sin.

    What a happy free country we are living in.

  6. I should say there is a difference between being diplomatic when it's necessary and compromising your convictions. Woe to him who calls Good Evil and all that. Also, while women are mothers and nurturers, men are supposed to be warriors, you know...