Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Staying Thin

Apparently, it's easy in Japan:

There is something for us to learn, I guess.


  1. Main reason is actually that traditionally in Asia, people do not eat sugar or bread. Even though they eat lots of WHITE rice, they end up getting much less carbs than westerners do. They also do not drink soda or milk or juices or that much alcohol. Drinking calories, usually carbs, is not a good idea.

    Also social pressure for staying thin in Japan is enormous. In west we are getting so big that the pressure is getting non-existing because hey, body positivity.

  2. Be sure to watch Part 2:

    In it, he discusses Japanese diet in more detail. It's true about sugar and bread, but they also eat less meat, more organ meat, more fish, and in general, their caloric intake is much less. BTW, Japanese do drink milk. I think that dairy gets unjustly maligned nowadays. I tried to restrict it once and all my dental fillings started falling out. It's just that under "dairy" many people understand sweetened stuff, like ice cream and fancy yogurts and other desserts with tons of sugar in them. I have actually found cheese made of unpasteurised milk in two supermarkets, which is supposedly better for you (unless you are pregnant, that is).

    Agree about social pressure, there is nothing positive about being obese and suffering from multiple health conditions which go along with it. But hey, one of the commenters stated that those who cook from scratch are "privileged". Yes, privileged not to be lazy and be able to cook at least basic dishes...