Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Promiscuity Will Make You A Soy Boy

Ever since the 1960s until recently the masculine ideal  was a James Bond type of man. Any woman he wants he gets, and all that. Recently it started changing to a feminine, nu-male type, with the result that many men opposing feminism did their best to resurrect the stereotypical alpha male ideal, promote it as healthy and wholesome and stress the stark contrast between this "traditional" man and modern "soy boys" Yet, apparently you won't get one without the other.

Ever since the 1970s, studies have been done on the relationship between sexual activity and testosterone, with some studies showing that having lots of sex increased it while others didn't. Recently, another study was made, with the following results:

Across human societies, males have greater interest in uncommitted sex (more unrestricted socio-sexuality) than do females. A recent study found a negative feedback between men's testosterone levels, socio-sexual psychology, and sexual partner number.[26] Specifically, a man’s number of sexual partners is negatively related his testosterone level, i.e. the more sexual partners, the lower the testosterone level.[26] This suggests that testosterone drives “sexual hunting” in men, but is inhibited when the desires are fulfilled. Thus, testosterone promotes sexual intercourse success, which in turn down-regulates testosterone production. Thus, running around too much may backfire.
 (Emphasis mine).

In other words, yes, having sex will make a man more masculine, but only with his own wife, or at least, a long-term partner. Chasing sluts will ultimately turn him into this dreaded nu-male type. The funny thing is that before the movie James Bond came along men spending all their free time running after girls weren't considered particularly masculine or worthy of respect.

Men were supposed to do better things with their life than getting easy sex. While it was often tolerated if a man had a mistress, only the lowest classes used the services of prostitutes regularly. And there was no glamour at all attached to "ruining good girls". In fact, there was a good chance her family would kill him or at least, force into marriage which used to be a permanent arrangement.

As the science now reveals, there was a sound reason for this. You can't win a war with an army of soy boys:)

For the reference, this article

P.S. I should add that a really masculine man does project this aura of being able to get any woman he wishes, because he is highly desirable, in the same way a beautiful female is desirable to men. However, it appears that just like with women, if he acts too much on these impulses, promiscuous behaviour will hurt him in the long run. One night stands ruin both sexes since we are meant to pair-bond. 


  1. I wonder if porn does the same? In some sense men who watch porn have sex with several women. I have seen documentaries about the harmful effects of porn and even young men can become so damaged that they are unable to get aroused with real women.

    I have understood that back in the old days unmarried men were supposed to direct and transform their sexual energy to higher purposes. I think that must have made them very appealling to women. They were focusing on something greater than getting laid, hence they seemed interesting men with purpose of life. If one's only purpose is to get laid and make money, it is hardly very interesting to a woman.

    I think that is one of the biggest probelms in MGTOW. They make sex such an issue. So in reality, they are not going their own way at all. Real men going their own way are very appealing to women. But when men play that in order to get laid -not so much.

  2. Yes, p*rn does something with the brain, though I can't think of a link right now. The problem with MGTOW is that as usual, they distort facts when they state that an average man can't get laid and "only 20% of alpha do." Some guys I know are far from alpha but are getting laid just fine, simply not with what could be described as a 10. Or even an 8. You must be a total loser or grossly deformed to not be able to get laid nowadays.

    The problem is really that these MGTOW guys feel that they are entitled to no-strings-attached sex with top tier women, that's the point. They don't want some "landwhale" or even a slightly overweight or older woman who "hit the wall." They want a 19-year-old hottie.

  3. The problem nowadays isn't "getting laid", it's the difficulty in finding a normal, adequate marriage partner. And that is true for both sexes.

  4. Sex is a big deal for some men. It is for me. I like a woman is loving and affectionate and pleasant to be around. Any woman who puts down sex does not deserve any respect from men in general. She is worthless as a wife.

    And yes, us men need put some effort to look appealing, but the number of obese women and men is appalling.

  5. Welcome to the blog, a Texan! I know that sex is important for men, but wouldn't you agree that normally it should be between a man and his wife? OK, society often looked through the fingers at more adventurous men, but the ideal was a loving monogamous family, not casual one night stands, as it is now. Also, was the exchange feminism offered worth it in the long run?

  6. Agree about obesity and being overweight, one of the reasons is the disappearance of home cooking due to the destruction of the traditional family structure, plus too many people appear to lack impulse control.

  7. "I know that sex is important for men, but wouldn't you agree that normally it should be between a man and his wife?"

    That's fine, but monogamy is not working for the vast majority of Americans. I myself can commit to one without a government piece of paper. Marriage simply offers no benefits to men. I resent the fact that women want equality but if they make more won't let a man stay at home if they are married to him.

    No Churchians will address the one sided issue with marriage.

    If you are going to have kids, you should make an effort to stay together preferably married.

  8. Monogamy used to work just fine, with some exceptions, until the advent of no-fault divorce, sexual revolution and broad female participation in the workforce, that's the whole point.

    As for that "piece of paper", of course many men don't want to sign any official document since it puts them on a financial hook, so to say. Though in your country you'll still have to pay child support. Yet without any official ceremony, there is no marriage, since the whole point of marriage is the man officially declaring himself responsible for the woman he takes as his wife.

    So how about instead of abolishing marriage we try to abolish no-fault divorce?

    Church promotes marriage because it's what the Scriptures teach. They do cater to women because they get constantly accused of misogyny and God knows what by liberals, so what did you expect? They are just adapting to reality. I wouldn't expect any revolutionary behaviour coming out of there. Church is flawed because our society is flawed. Let's face it, right now, egalitarianism is the main doctrine of the West. In medieval times, the Church supported hierarchy. Change political climate and the church will change, too.

  9. Texan: sex is important to women, too. Woman can be very passionate in her marriage even if she hasn't had casual sex.

    And marriage offers huge benefits to men. Or at leasts I assume most men like to have regular sex life with no fuss (you know, dates, expensive meals and such), healthy and tasty dinner when they come home, their clothes washed etc. Some men even like to have someone who actually loves them, supports them emotionally, accepts them.

    Sanne: I have a new theory about Gamers and MGTOW. ;) I think that even though they are obviously idiots, the do serve greater good. Because with their help, women might finally start to realize that having casual sex and easy divorces they are harming themselves. Because most women deep down inside wish for relationship every time they have one-night stand. Those women who actually enjoy casual sex like men are very few. Otherwise forums wouldn't be filled with topics like: "Tinder-man wanted only sex! Buhuu!"

    Since women set the standards of society, things will start to change when women start to keep their knees together outside marriage.

  10. Housewife, the problem is that slutty behaviour for women is being promoted as "cool." Of course, there always have been sluts, yet that sort of behaviour never used to be celebrated the way it is now. Add to this social media, which allows any half way decent looking girl who posts provocative pictures get huge amount of male followers, and there is little wonder they get an inflated ego. This all is facilitated by the Pill, with the doctor often encouraging parents to put their 15 year old daughter on it, "to regulate her cycle." With predictable results.

    I agree with you about benefits men get (or should)from marriage. The problem is, too many girls nowadays have princess upbringing and hardly do any housekeeping. On the other hand, many men are hardly raised to be breadwinners, either. And both sexes often lack integrity to take their marriage vows seriously.

  11. When it comes to slutty behaviour, I actually think that very few men think it is "cool". It's totally feminist agenda.

    Feminists always cry how it is so unfair that if man behaves certain way, he is calle stag. But when woman behaves that way, she becames slut. But I am quite sure that that attitude is in our genes. Because male promiscuity is not really issue; women always no that they are the mother of their child. But if women are promiscuous, father can be never quite sure. Well, nowadays we have dna-tests but our genes don't know.

    So men need to know that their wife has no tendencies to be promiscuous.

    Now of course it is immoral for men to be promiscuous but it doesn't wake such a primitive rage in people for reasons I listed above.

  12. Yes, exactly, it's being promoted by the "powers that be" through the MSM. I think many young men initially find the idea of an "easy" woman attractive, but when they get older and start searching for a marriage partner, they suddenly realise that modern sexual mores are a disaster.

    Double standard may seem unfair, but only if you think men and women are identical, women simply have more to lose, which was especially true without access to modern birth control. God (or Nature) made the sexes different, it's just simple biology, i.e. science.