Friday, September 8, 2017

The Dangers Of Veganism

I have wanted to write this post for a long time since I've been doing some research on nutrition and experimenting with my diet. I was never into veganism or vegetarianism, but there was a period when I cut on meat and dairy which led to dental and other problems. The only vegetarian I knew in real life (not a strict one, mind you, as she ate fish, eggs, milk products and occasionally, liver) developed fatigue and was diagnosed with anemia even though she was older (you know what I mean). Now she eats meat occasionally and feels better.

Here are some articles to make you think:

From New York Post:
a young woman develops amenorrhea, gets death threats after declaring on her blog that she quits veganism

 A blogger decides to eat only raw vegan foods, with predictable results. Also touches on dangers of extreme weight loss fixation

A baby dies from malnutrition, vegan parents accused of child neglect.

From New York Times:
vegan parents whose child died convicted of murder

An Italian baby severely malnourished, vegan parents lose custody

A case of animal cruelty, from HuffPost:
a kitten fed strict vegan diet nearly dies, saved by meat

Vegetarian diet not necessarily more healthy, a study

And, it can cause mental health problems

Vegetarianism promoted by certain  religious denominations and what the Bible says

I'd like to put a DISCLAIMER, that what you eat is naturally your own personal business. There are enough sources promoting vegetarianism and veganism, it's interesting to look on the other side.


  1. Well, veganism can't be too much worse than this breatharianism stuff, or whatever it's called.

  2. Breathi what??? On second thought...I'd rather not know:)

  3. We used to be hunter-gatherers. I think there is a reason why hunter comes first. :)

  4. Most people will tell you how important it is to eat your veggies because they are full of vitamins, and it's true, but they forget to tell you that meat has lots of vitamins as well:) Just like dairy...