Wednesday, April 26, 2017

House Dresses

I now have two of them:)

They aren't actually real house dresses as I usually wear the same clothes at home that I wear outside, for me they are an equivalent of sweatpants, something to pull on over your pajamas early in the morning, or late in the evening, before going to bed. Since they are quite warm (and long) I usually don't use them in summer months, but right now we are experiencing a cold spell so they come in just handy.

This one I acquired last year:

At first I tried wearing it as a day dress but quickly decided it wasn't really my style: too long, too wide, too bright colours for winter, but I discovered how comfortable it was to have something like this for home wear. This year I finally bought another one. It's longer, which I don't really care much for, but also warm and made from soft flannel so ideal for long winter months, which don't appear to be ending right now.

Definitely not something I would wear outside, but OK for a long evening with a book by the fire!
For the day wear I prefer something more along these lines:

Who says that a dress can't be comfy???

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