Monday, March 13, 2017

IKEA Adventures

It's SPRING over here plus we are still busy with our renovation project so it means less time behind the screen, which is actually good:) Last Saturday my husband suggested going to IKEA to check the furniture for our new added room in the attic which is supposed to be a living/bedroom/guestroom. We were looking at some settee beds ( I hope I'm using the word correctly:) but opted for two chairs instead which if placed together will make for a double bed. However, when we went to collect them, we found they were sold out!

We had to drive to another store which cost us about 50 minutes since we lost our way and there finally we got nearly the last two exemplars. We then spent 30 minutes searching for our car in the parking garage but it's another story altogether and at least, we ate quite a decent dinner at an IKEA restaurant later. Now, isn't it a beauty???:))))


  1. Looks good. I like how the throw matches the floor, in its colour. :)

  2. And yes, it's great to be able to get a meal at IKEA, after doing your shopping. :)

  3. Thanks Will, I like them, too! Not generally a fan of eating by IKEA but at least their tea costs only 85cent and you get a refill for free:)