Thursday, October 27, 2016

An Interesting Site On Nutrition

I found it while doing some research and it has a lot of interesting info with a slight paleo bias, I should add. Not sure if I entirely agree with evils of eating grains, but I sure like the accent on eating natural foods and avoiding all this unhealthy pre-made stuff.

Dr. Axe: Food is Medicine


  1. Food for sure is medicine as ancient philosophers have said long before Dr. Axe. So are your thoughts... if you think that something is harmful to you, or 'fat is forever',etc, it surely is. I should add that with 'something' I mean food that was completely ok to eat some decades ago.

    Food is meant to be enjoyed with gratitude. Whatever real food you desire and can afford... My experience is that real food satisfies more than junk food, but I have several times cured a flu with a big bag of potato chips and 200g of milk chocolate. So I believe in listening what my body tells me.

    Ps. As soon as I noticed 'Shop For Health Products' I clicked him goodbye.

  2. Most people online are trying to sell something, even me:) I think we should try to take it all with a grain of salt, however, his site has recipes and some really good articles on nutrition, vitamins etc. Some things are just common knowledge but it's quite neat to have it all in one place.

    BTW, chocolate is good for you, though more of a dark variety. And agree about listening to one's body!

  3. I am ok with somebody selling something they've made/created themselves, but seriously 'a health product' promises a little bit too much. It hints that buying this product you are improving your health. Health is a more complicated, deeper issue than something you can improve just by buying a product. What is a health product anyway? (I obviously didn't check his lot) A 'Dr Axe carrot'? (though carrots are sliding to the unhealthy side currently - being a high carb root vegetable. Warning! Eat with moderation!!) Or a Dr. Axe jumping rope? Probably it's just Dr. Axe multivitamin pill or breakfast shake mix...

    I've been interested in nutrition and health for 30 decades. I went through several diets (from vegan to Atkinson), lifestyles and stages until I began to crave for some reasonable thinking. How were our ancestors able to live without 5 daily fruit/vegetable portions? How are millions of people living without the Most Healthiest Oil Of The Year (it changes every year, have you noticed)?

    For the media and government programs, health is the new religion. You find strange similarities if you think for example medieval society... There are those who are to be rewarded and those who are to be burnt as witches (or worse), there are shame, guilt and punishment, and if you have money, you can buy yourself a ticket (a health product, at least you tried...) to a better place (ie social acceptance)

    If you take literally and as a fundamentalist the health advice and ever changing trends, you can easily fall into despair and helplessness, because 98% of everything that is sold in your local grocery store isn't approved by the health gurus and/or official food guidelines.

    Just some of my thoughts.

  4. You forget that in the USA they don't have the same strict standards that we have over here. For instance, all the eggs sold in EU are free-range eggs etc. In American agriculture they use many more chemicals, antibiotics you name it. They have fluoride in their water, we don't. Heck, we don't even have chlorine in it since here in the Netherlands it's cleaned by some new sophisticated process. We don't have corn syrup inserted everywhere. Present day Americans hardly eat what their ancestors used to. And not everything our ancestors did was good, either. Take tobacco chewing, for instance.

    Anyway, to each his own, I like this site, someone else doesn't. No problem!

  5. It was interesting to me that you don't have chlorine in your water, nor fluoride. I wish we didn't have the fluoride in our water. The water in my area comes from the Missouri river. At this point the chlorine is probably necessary for water purification. I'm wondering how they filter and treat your water to make it safe. Many, many people here drink bottled water that is neither fluoridated nor chlorinated. I wonder if I am living dangerously by just drinking plain old tap water. Hope not.

  6. Susie, we used to have chlorine,too, but then our water provider switched to a new cleaning process which involves oxygen, I think. I'm not really sure whether it's only in our area or in the whole country. I remember they sent us a letter long ago where they informed us about the switch. Personally I think that a bit chlorine cannot do much damage (they probably did it more to protect the environment than the consumers), however fluoride is supposedly quite bad for you, from what I read. I'm not an expert but glad we don't have it anyway!

    I'd also like to add concerning the discussion above that if I buy a healthy food magazine it'll cost me ab.7 euros if not more and it's full of ads, too. On the net, I can read articles for free and if they try to push their stuff, I just ignore it. I think they are all selling a certain brand of sea salt or something similar.