Monday, September 19, 2016

A Note And A Link

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In the meanwhile, you can peruse this link:
Modern Women Are Becoming More Aggressive

Note to British women, don't try it over here, especially with diverse gentlemen. May very well end up in hospital...


  1. The woman in the red dress is only 27??? She looks to be at least 40!!

    But really women were not made to live this way and compete with men. Even I get bitchy when I have to deal with two many things at once and I don't have a career!

  2. Honestly, I just scanned the article and read excerpts on another blog so am not really sure who is who:)

    For the rest, I agree entirely. I think women destroy their health and vitality by living in what amounts to constant daily stress...

  3. Housewife from FinlandSeptember 23, 2016 at 4:14 AM

    Most awful thing was that hose women didn't seem to be that ashamed of their behavior. Somehow I got the impression that those women should be understood because Modern Life Is So Very Har For Women Who Make Bad Choices.

    I used to be quite cranky when I was still working. Nowadays I wonder how extremely stupid I was, never to realize that it was worklife that was killing me inside... Not housekeeping as I thought.

    BTW, one very big reason for women to be raging maniacs is the Pill, or other hormones. Of course some women can be very happy with them but it seems to me that they do not suite that many women too well. Especially those products that contain only progesteron. I had to eat that couple of weeks because I had a cyst and I was so angry all the time. It was awful, since I knew why it was that way but controlling that anger was very difficult indeed.

    1. Oh my yes! I remember taking the pill the first year I was married and my emotions were OUT OF CONTROL. It was awful and nearly destroyed my marriage too. There were other things at play but the pill exaggerated everything where I could barely even survive. Actually it was that ring hormonal device that you know, insert, and leave in for a month. Same thing, but disastrous effects!

  4. Housewife, Radical, yes and yes. Those women seem to be proud of it and they also appear to think they should be applauded for their own choices; as for the Pill some theories say that it also poisons our water supply and turns our men into eunuchs. But it's probably what the elites desire anyway...