Monday, August 22, 2016

Some Of The Things I Brought Home

Found some nice recipes and garden ideas already. Looking forward to reading the rest of it.


  1. Oh I do love magazines! I used to get a British one about gardening and home at our Barnes and Noble. They don't carry it anymore. It was costly but well worth it. Our country magazines here seem to be getting away from the country furnishings they used to show. Now they show so many stiffer more formal decorating and yards. These were a breath of fresh air. Like the blog from the lady in Norway was it? Sorry, I forget her name just now. How her home was so inviting and filled with light with many things she had made herself in it. So beautiful. It stood out. Magazines are a great tourist buy !!! thanks for sharing. Sarah

  2. Sarah, you are welcome! Do you mean Mias Landliv? Unfortunately, she deleted her blog...German magazines often feature Scandinavian style, so it does look similar.