dinsdag 16 februari 2016

Lunch Ideas: Spinach Omelet

This will serve 2-4 people, depending on how much you eat and what else you are serving for lunch. It's loosely based on a quiche recipe from Recipes for Comfort, a Gooseberry Patch cook book.

You'll need grated cheese, some flour, some frozen spinach, defrosted; milk, 3 eggs, 4 bacon slices, ketchup and salt and pepper to taste.

Mix everything together in a big bowl, except bacon slices. Fry bacon in butter, pour the egg mixture all over and cook on low until done. May need flipping once.

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  1. Yes, and quite heavy, I'm afraid:) It was suggested as a breakfast dish, I sincerely don't understand how people can eat this first thing in the morning.


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