Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Is The Halloween Month!


  1. I'm always happy when Halloween is over - absolutely hate Halloween. I don't like the images or what they portray.

  2. We don't celebrate it . But many people do! Anyway, this song has really little to do with it. This and Keeper of the 7 keys are the only two numbers I care for from them. I just thought October was a good time to post it:)

  3. Sanne, I wondered about that, too. It didn't sound "Halloweenish". But the cover sure is. Marietta, I'm with you. Even though I'm not opposed to the old fashioned Halloween with children dressing up and going out for trick or treat, I'm so happy when it's over. The world has gone crazy with too much gore and violence and interest into dark worldly things. It seems like they have free reign all month. Every movie, when we had tv, seemed to be a horror movie.

  4. I guess the cover was supposed to represent the walls of Jericho since that's the name of the album the song comes from. Sometimes I do have a severe case of 1980s nostalgia:)

    As for Halloween, I think most things are OK in moderation. We don't have much of it over here, anyway, so it's more of the tribute to my American readers.

    1. Now that's really a Halloweenish song, and darn funny, too: