Thursday, July 2, 2015

Could It Really Be True?

Did the Star of Bethlehem appear again, and if yes, what does it signify?

Here are some pictures taken from our terrace.
June 30, 2015:


The "Star" (in reality, Venus and Jupiter very close together) is the one below, the one above is Regulus (I think).


  1. We watched this from the U.S. And it was very bright and quite large!

  2. So you've seen it, too! What do you think of it?

  3. I stopped on our country road and looked at it a long time with my daughter. It was definitely bright, different from other night skies. I knew it was probably Venus. I didn't know the other was a planet, but I thought it might be Mars. Thanks for telling the correct planet. No, I don't believe it is THE star of Bethlehem. Someone said it is in the Bible that it is coming back and was a sign, but I never heard the scripture reference. I have never heard of it, and don't believe they understood correctly. I believe the original star was the one and only time it appeared. Perhaps it was also a bright planet just like this one, and just like this one, a very rare alignment, distance, etc, so maybe that could be the explanation for the original one. I've always wondered. Thanks for the pictures. I didn't know of all the "hullabaloo" over it until the next day.

  4. You are welcome! Yes, there has been a lot of speculations about it, there was also a blood moon several times this year, I believe.