Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Is Over

Summer is officially over, according to my calendar the 23rd of September was the first day of autumn (though I have always thought it must be September 21, but what do I know?) The weather changed dramatically and it became cold, rainy, windy practically overnight.

Last weekend we went to look for berries in the nearby forest, but found none, so there will be no jam made this year, which my husband finds a pity...We drank tea and coffee at a historical wine farm instead:

It was all very much in French style, and they had live music, too;

And self-made cake with grapes they grow at that farm. It had a rather unusual taste, but I liked it. In the meanwhile, I finally watched "The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit" and I'm planning to write a review of it one of these days.

I hope you are all doing fine and welcome to the new readers! I hardly expected that my post about the lost civilisation of Crete would be the most popular ever on this blog, beating even the one about the advantages of being a housewife.

I obviously must do more historical research:) At present though, duty calls and the sink is full of dirty dishes, so good-bye for now....

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