Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bachelor Pad Economics - A Book Review

Bachelor Pad Economics is a new book by Aaron Clarey who blogs on economics and other issues under the name of Captain Capitalism. The book is meant to be a comprehensive guide for young men on how to plan their lives, and includes advice on all sorts of things, from choosing your college major to being a good father to your kids, but since Aaron is an economist by profession, it naturally devotes most time to all things economic.

Despite going into some technical details, the book is written in such a manner that even a person who is far from economics, will have little difficulty understanding the main concepts and principles of how the things work or are supposed to work.

In Chapter One Aaron basically states that the reason he wrote his book is to help the current generation of young men who often grew without a benefit of having a father and were constantly fed a steady diet of lies by all persons of significance including educational experts and the media. Bachelor Pad Economics has chapters about choosing the right career path, advice on how to start your own business, information about retirement and taxes, the basic explanation of how the country's economy works and miscellaneous advice on things like dating/dealing with women and repairing your car.

All in all, it was a very interesting read and I learned several things, for instance, how the USA retirement system works. I especially liked the chapter about budgeting and cutting your expenses to the minimum as this is more or less a must for everyone who is planning to live on one income nowadays, unless your husband is a millionaire. Aaron criticises consumerism and reminds his readers that people and the relationships with them are much more important than material possessions and collecting tons of worthless stuff.

The book had one major drawback to me. Aaron is not a Christian and his world view naturally influenced his writing. Thus, the book promotes the modern form of "fun" dating (i.e. dating for sex), living together before getting married, and what was even worse for me, it advocates suicide/euthanasy as the way to deal with the end-of-life troubles, which is, of course, un-Christian. It also occasionally has crude sexual references and some profanity.

I would recommend Bachelor Pad Economics to anyone interested in learning the basics of the economic theory and how the things work in modern society and I think the book could be a huge help to those young people who are contemplating which path to choose in life and also to older readers as it contains a lot of useful info about things like taxes, property laws, retirement accounts and the like, however, if you are easily offended or not really mature in your faith, this book is probably not for you.

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