Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Het Oude Slot (a medieval castle in Heemstede, which has a Victorian tea parlour).

An 18th century mill in Heemstede:

 (Unfortunately, the weather left much to be desired, as it started raining heavily, that's why the pictures are so dark).
Above and below is Cruquius, a Victorian steam mill:

 A Victorian tearoom:

All in all, it was a nice day, despite the weather!


  1. Looks like a lovely spot for a Valentine's outing with one's spouse, indeed.

  2. The castle is actually quite small, but it's nice! I think it's a hotel now. The tea parlour is a separate building which originally was meant for servants. It's small, but cosy and the food was good. It was actually a birthday present, we could choose a location for lunch; and we decided to use it on Valentine's Day, which is also our wedding anniversary.

  3. Oh! You know, I'm surprised I don't know more people married on Valentine's Day; one would think it would be more common. Mind you, here in North America, almost nobody marries in winter; summer is most common, followed by autumn.

  4. I think here quite a few people do, in fact in the castle they were preparing for a wedding party. And then the husband never has difficulty remembering the date, I mean it's hard to forget when your wedding anniversary is if you were married on Valentine's Day!:)

  5. No doubt. And that way, instead of two special occasions to pay for, it's only one; how very Dutch to shrewdly, intelligently find a way to save money thus. ;)

  6. Or you just find a more expensive restaurant:)