Monday, October 15, 2018

Vintage Lifestyle

Here is an interesting video by Rain San Martin, a working lady who supports homemakers and promotes femininity on her YouTube channel.

She made me wonder about my own home. Could it be said that my lifestyle is vintage, too? I should think that I'm quite modern in many regards, but then I don't have either a dishwasher or a dryer and hang my clothes on the roof to dry:)

Is your lifestyle vintage in any way? Feel free to share!


  1. Thank you for introducing us to this series. If I have not told you about the sit I am now. She and her husband Charles live as in the past. A year or so ago they lived as close as they could to life in 1943. Ration and all. They both did a lot of research. They are figuring out just how they want to live now as peaceful and happy as they want. Look round her many posts and go to the top bar and comb through the many subjects and post there. They just went through Hurricane Michael in the United States and their town had some damage so they are just getting things straightened back up round their property at this time. She does not have comments on her posts but you can e-mail her. I have changed my thinking a lot after reading her inspiring posts and writings. Things all over the world are stressful. Your home does not have to be so. By living more like their relatives did years back they have found a real refuge and a way of life that is right for them. By the way, gdonna stands for Grandma Donna. I am not doing them justice in this description. There is so much more to their lifestyle. I am fascinated with the knowledge and thinking I learn from her blog. Let me know if you go there and what you think. :) Sarah

  2. I like Grandma Donna a lot, too.

  3. You are welcome, Sarah! Thanks for mentioning this site, I'll go check it soon.

  4. P.S. I looked at her website and it is lovely!