Saturday, November 30, 2013

How To Organise Your Homemaking

I have recently noticed that though my blog is called Adventures In Keeping House, there are actually not that many posts about housekeeping, so I decided it was time for one!

Have you ever been overwhelmed with your housekeeping? I have. It all started with me deciding to write a book, which took a lot of my free time, but was nothing compared to typing it, editing and preparing for print. If someone tells you that housekeeping is easy to combine with writing books, working from home or running a business, don't listen to them! Something will inevitably suffer and in my case it was my housekeeping and my sanity.

Seeing me overwhelmed with responsibilities and not wishing me to lose my mind, my husband suggested hiring domestic help, which we did; unfortunately, just as I got accustomed to the changes in my cleaning schedule, she got married and quitted. It was right before summer vacation, and then I had to deal with serious sickness in the family,  and other unpleasant things.

 Anyway, this all being in the past, I finally decided it was time to put my life back on track, starting with getting the house in order. Actually, I'm always planning to get my house in order, but something always interferes with the best of my intentions. Well, this time I decided to really make an effort and turned to YouTube for solutions, hoping that a homemaking video or two can give me the sorely lacking inspiration, and I was right!

YouTube has lots of homemaking videos, which will teach you all sorts of things, from setting the table to cleaning your bathroom properly, to blessing your husband to homeschooling your children, you just name it. I spent the best part of Thursday watching them and found one which I especially liked and would recommend to anyone struggling with organising her home. I hope you'll find it as helpful as I did!


  1. It's great to see housewives helping each other out, via modern technology, sharing tips, etc. No different, really, from the days of knitting circles, etc.; just that you can chat with fellow housewives from around the globe now. :)

  2. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to search for them in another country, as there are few in your own:) Technology is great, isn't it?:)

  3. Oh yeah, it is! :)

    Yeah, that's the funny and sad part, that instead of next door, have to find them thousands of miles away...

  4. Well, I know enough homemakers IRL, but Dutch media pretty much ignore them, that's why I mostly buy German women's magazines and watch YouTube instead of TV.