zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Cold War Fashions

To continue with the Cold War topic, below is a very funny commercial featuring Soviet fashion shows, or rather American ideas about them:

Isn't it rather sad that though nowadays there is plenty of choice on what to wear, most women prefer day in day out to adorn themselves with a garment which was originally designed as overalls and what has essentially become the Western variant of a Mao Suit:

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  1. Just discovered your site today. I like it. You're right about how the modern women is dressing (badly to put it bluntly!). I'm working on having a more lady like wardrobe. I'm a homemaker and I make my own clothes including knits. Each winter I knit clothes for myself and my husband. The sewing is done in the late spring and summer along with crochet items for the home. I have no interest in dressing to look like a man. Skirts are far more comfortable. In this complicated world we must keep our individuality and feminine appearance and grace. Be well, Shaolin - from the USA.

  2. Dear Shaolin, thanks for the kind words! The ability to sew your own clothes is a great asset as you have more choice as to the style and fabric and it's more economical, too. However, even if a lady isn't that good at sewing, she still can dress well if she makes it her priority as the stores are full of clothes and even boutiques have sales where everything goes for the half of the half of the original price.


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